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Fly By's WAS $245

Arty Wright Auckland

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Fly By's 1930. A sixth screenprint in the Trademark Series.

Arty loves finding a vintage NZ image or trademark to reinterpret, especially if it is tricky to screenprint. The silhouettes of a swarm of vintage bi-planes taken from the Flypaper “the official organ of the Auckland Aero Club Inc.”, dated Dec 22nd 1930, would have been a challenge to hand cut with stencils.

As in most other trademark images, the artist of this design is unknown. These designs were hand drawn by artists with pencil, pen, brush and ink. The artists themselves largely remained anonymous working either as employees of advertising companies or within the manufacturing company itself.

Dimensions: 38cm x 49cm

Limited Edition of 25

Please allow 5-7 working days within New Zealand.
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