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Caret Squirrel Cage Lamp

NDF The Netherlands
Caret Squirrel Cage Lamp

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Delivering an extra warm light, the CARET lamp is an ideal retrofit solution for the Edison Squirrel Cage Lamp, which will be phased out.

Due to 1:1 bulb replacement no electrical modifications are required.

It is particularly suited for use in both classic and modern fixtures, where the lamp is prominently visible at all times.

As the lamp is dimmable, it helps to create the desired atmosphere.

You can match this light bulb with the contemporary Silicon Lamp Holder.

Operating temperature range is between -10 °C and +50 °C ambient.

Only to apply in dry or damp locations and most open fixtures with lamp holders that offer sufficient space (10 mm free air space).

Not intended for use with emergency light fixtures or exit lights.

Do not mix revision 2 (C0045.2) with revision 1 (C0045.1) in the same luminaire.

The Caret with dimming feature works with most conventional dimmers for incandescent lamps or halogens.

Certain dimmer switches may cause the Caret to flicker when it is illuminated below the “optimal minimum brightness level”. The knob on the dimmer switch can be adjusted to prevent flickering. (Note: Certain dimmer switches are equiped with a potentiometer. The potentiometer is a small device to fine-tune the setting for the desired minimum light output of the lamp without flickering.)

Product Dimensions 
Overall length - 165 mm 
Diameter bulb -  65 mm
Casing - 41 mm

Electrical Characteristics:
Wattage - 7,7 W
Voltage -  230 V
Line frequency - 50 ... 60 Hz
Power factor -  0.78
Current - 40 mA
Dimmable -  Yes*
Starting - Soft

General Characteristics:
Cap base - E27 
Bulb - ST65
Optimal performance -  Base down
Rated lifetime (hours) - 25000 hrs.
Lifetime - 25000 hrs.
Switching cycle -  > 50.000X

Light Technical Characteristics:
Color designation (text) - Extra warm white
Color rendering index - > 80
Color temperature - 2300 K
Rated luminous flux - 350 lumen

Environmental Characteristics
Energy efficient label - A
Lamp mercury content - 2,2 mg

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