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iO2 Slimline Pendants

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The iO2 Rectangle Pendant with the diffuser in place is warm and soft and gives your room a cosy and relaxing effect. Without the diffuser the shadows are graphic and more clearly defined.


This beautiful range of lights was inspired by Io, a priestess in Greek mythology who was named after Jupiter's fourth moon. She represents beauty and light, as mythology says she was so beautiful she led Zeus astray. 

These stunning products are created using a mix of traditional craft skills and digitally based production methods, balancing between the realms of human and digital fabrication. 

This allows for a product that has meticulous detail in a simple form. it is unique, yet precise, eclipsing the challenges of its creation. 

Each iO light is created by hand, using sustainable New Zealand sourced ply wood form local trees. Each light emits a warm glow, and can be customised for your space. Whether you want one, or prefer to create a cluster of them to leave a lasting impression. 

We recommend you purchase the Suspension Kit [black or white] which includes ceiling rose (110mm), steel support wires, 1m cord and single lamp-holder.

The black edged fin option adds a sharp contrast. 

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery from order date, as these are made to order.


Dimensions: 80 x 30 x 30 cm [height]

Suspension Kit: Ceiling rose (110mm) for iO Rectangle - includes 1m cord, lamp-holder and ceiling rose

Installation must be by a certified electrician.

Made in plywood.

Diffuser is wipeable, non tear and non-yellowing Japanese shoji paper.

We recommend the use of low energy or LED bulbs. All our lamps use bayonet type fittings. Maximum 150w.

For warm light, the low -energy bulbs marked 'Warm White' are the best choice
Eg Phillips 'Ambiance' Energy saving - Classic shape. Use 14w (equivalent to 60w) for Tall iO or Pendant iO and 11w (equivalent to 40w) for all other iO or Slice lamps.

For cooler, crisp light, the new LED bulbs are effective and use even less energy. NOTE: even those marked 'Warm White' give a much cooler, whiter light than the above L.E. bulbs, so no need to go for the 'Daylight' bulbs unless you are after a really white light.

Eg Phillips LED 'Warm White' 9.5w (equivalent to 40w) for 'Slice' and 'iO' small and medium and 13w  (equivalent to 60w) for 'iO' Tall and iO pendant

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery from order date, as these are made to order.
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