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Mighty Toothbrush Holder - Blue

Tooletries Brisbane
Mighty Toothbrush Holder by Tooletries with Mirror

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The Mighty Toothbrush Holder combines a toothbrush holder, razor rack, jewellery dish and compact shower caddy all-in-one. Create a new storage space above the bathroom basin or store your toiletries in the shower.

No Suction Cups | No Adhesives | No permanent mounts.

Optional: The Mighty Mirror is an anti-fog shower mirror made from 100% silicone and polycarbonate shatterproof mirror. Innovative silicone technology allows it to grip to shiny surfaces and never lose its grip. Designed to fit neatly above the Mighty Toothbrush Holder or side by side with the Mighty Razor Holder.

- A silicone toiletry organizer for small bathroom items
- Grips to shiny surfaces; Glass, Mirror, Tiles and Marble
- Custom drainage system allows for water to drain and dry
- 100% waterproof | Safe & Hygienic | Easy to Clean
- Create a new storage space above the bathroom basin
- Declutter your bathroom basin or vanity
- Store toiletries (razor, toothbrush + toothpaste) in the shower
- Great for travel, hotels, gyms, dorms

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