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Black Arbolito Fruit Bowl

Black Arbolito Fruit Bowl by Christopher Metcalfe

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The ‘Bol’ is a fun and functional table piece that challenges the notion of what a fruit bowl can be. When a piece of fruit is placed in the centre of the closed “Bol”, the branches expand outwards to form a bowl able to hold up to 10 pieces of fruit. The open branch design allows air to circulate around the fruit, keeping if fresh longer. When not in use, the bowl can be collapsed again for easy storage. Sustainability has been one of the main drivers behind the design of this product, focusing on the clever use of materials and joining methods.

The name “Bol” comes from “Arbol” which is Spanish from tree. “The inspiration came from the thought: we take fruit from a tree, what would happen if we put it back?”

Dimensions: 480mm (Diameter) x 180mm H (when open) Materials: Polycarbonate
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