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Eking It Out

Rupert Herring Auckland

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A conglomeration of table legs forming a piece of functional art. Eking Out can be used as a table or simply as objet D’art.

Says the artists Rupert Herring: This piece is made from a large variety of timbers. In a sense it is recycled twice; all the pieces are off cuts from other projects, which were also created from recycled material. As with my other work in the series, this is an investigation of material and what lies beneath it's surface; finding a beauty within. It's about minimising waste, making do with what you have and to a certain extent allowing the material to govern the form.

Materials: Mixed old table legs, balustrades.

Dimensions: 60cm high; 65cm long; 60cm wide

Hand-made in Auckland

Please allow 5-10 working days within New Zealand, if product is in stock.
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