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Time Table

Rupert Herring Auckland
Time Table

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Through material and form this table represents 3 very different times.

The legs were turned, quartered then turned inside out. This shows the history of the material on the inside, thus representing the past, whilst a modern angular aesthetic on the outside. In this transformation the object embodies both the past and the present. The shapes and patterns on the top and legs hark back to a time of colonialism. And the swamp kauri itself is from a time unimaginable.


Seats up to 14 comfortably. Ideal for board room table or family dining. Built to last generations.

The unique collectible objects breathe through time, rather than get suffocated by it. Society’s cast offs are made beautiful through alliteration of form.

Materials:  50 000 year old swamp kauri.Steel internal frame.

Measurements:  270 x 110 x 76 cm

Finished in Osmo hard wax oil.

One off.

Can deliver free in and around Auckland.

Please allow 5-10 working days within New Zealand, if product is in stock.
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