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Historian Shelves

Historian Shelves White in Situation

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This shelving system is based on a commission that was completed in 2009 for a New Zealand historian. It investigates alternative methods of fixing. The overall composition, and the way in which it assembles is determined by the nature of the junction between the structural elements. The design of the product recognizes an ever-increasing demand for flat pack, self assembled products, but aims to go beyond appropriating existing systems of assembly. By addressing the essential elements - a horizontal shelf and a vertical support - as fixings themselves, the complexity of the system is reduced to a point where, once the method is understood and assembly is intuitive.

The American Ash wooden legs are finished in natural New Zealand bees wax. The shelves are powder coated steel wire.

Dimensions: Shelf width: 150.6cm or 180.6cm

150.6cm + 3 shelves = 102cm high

150.6cm + 5 shelves = 182cm high

180.6cm + 3 shelves = 102cm high

180.6cm + 5 shelves = 182cm high

Other Options are available on request.

Materials: The posts are made from American Ash and hand finished with NZ beeswax. The shelves are made from powder coated steel.

Colours: Shelves available in matt black and pearl white, Shelf insert available in pearl white only. For custom colours add $115 (3-6 shelves), plus $11.50 per shelf insert.

Please state your choice in the comment box at the check out.

Assembly: The 32mm x 44mm timber post is inserted through any of the spaces in the shelves, which themselves measure 32mm. Once threaded through all of the shelves, the timber post is twisted through 90 degrees. The steel will spread and then snap into the grooves on the post. Once all the posts have been inserted, they can slide laterally to line up with each other, or they can be adjusted to create different sized shelves and irregular patterns. The width of the slotted posts gives the shelf the necessary rigidity to stand freely. The system requires no further fixings or tools, making for easy transport and set-up. During its lifetime, the product will suffer no ‘fatigue' from repeated assembly and disassembly. The rack shelves encourage airflow through books and electronic components, preventing the build-up of heat, dust and mildew.

Please allow up to 4 weeks within New Zealand.
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