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White Light


"Combining state of the art digital technologies with time-honoured craftsmanship, anything is possible."

White Light is an Auckland based lighting design and production lab using digital craft to create customisable lighting products for interiors.

White Light was founded by award winning object and spatial designer Daniel Kamp after his extensive research into advanced 3D printing revealed an opportunity to provide better custom lighting solutions to specifiers and individual buyers. Daniel’s deep knowledge of design and its relationship to digital production allow us to provide our customers with beautiful lighting that can be customised without sacrificing affordability or quality. Team member Brendon Aitken brings his creative talent as a designer together with his extensive experience in product design and production. Brandon collaborates with our clients and manages the production of our custom lighting.

Says Daniel and Brendon: "We believe in originality". Their expertise in product design, knowledge of new production technologies and their focus on customisation allow them to create unique lights for hospitality, residential and commercial spaces. "We believe that uniqueness is fundamental to emotional connection and emotional connection is fundamental to good design".

We are happy to work with customers, whether specifying a commercial project, or at-home designers, to create unique, customised lights. Their use of 3-d technology allows for a wide range of iterations in shape, colour and texture, and realistic turnaround times.

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