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Nick Leigh

Homeware Designer | Waikato

"A true Kiwi designer whose objects are born out of function - but are bloody funny too."

Nick grew up in a rural area on the outskirts of Hamilton, and also at the beach in Raglan where he had the freedom to explore and create. After graduating from Victoria University with a degree in Industrial Design, two years as a junior designer followed by the obligatory OE, he headed straight back to Raglan where he now lives.

Making the most of the perfect kite-surfing spot in his leisure time, he works part-time for, funnily enough, a kite surfing company and commutes to Hamilton where he designs for a plastics manufacturer. This combination of fun and pragmatism drives his design philosophy: “I always start with an idea to design something that I want or need. I like to develop products that are useful in day-to-day life and have lasting aesthetic value.

Materials and proportion typically drive my ideas along with smart economical manufacturing – to me good design doesn’t have to be expensive.” Nick launched ‘A Coat hook’ at 100% Design Tokyo 2007, a humorous spin on a very practical household object. Who knows what'll appear next from his "shed" under the house. Re-tweet this

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