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Kimono Stool Dark Bronze

Kimono Stool Dark Bronze

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Kimono is an industrial interpretation of paper and fabric folding techniques, like those used in Japanese craft. Kimono captures the elegant, graceful movements expressed by the Japanese Kimono - whilst functioning as a perch for sitting on. Constructed from a single sheet of folded aluminum, the Kimono is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. On a functional level, the stool is slightly forward leaning, and its cantilever gives a small amount of cushioning in the seat. The stools construction allows it to nest very well, both in transit as well as in use, while foam pads under the seat protect the stools when they are stacked.

The Dulux Electro coating ensures a long and useful life. Being almost entirely made of aluminium (with the exception of the polycarbonate feet and foam pads under the seat) the product lends itself to living outdoors, as well as being easily recycled.

Dimensions: 48cm high, 43cm wide, 31cm deep

Materials: 5mm Folded Aluminium with Dulux Electro powder coat. Injection molded polycarbonate feet. 3mm foam pads.

Colours available: Dark Bronze, Flat White, Champagne and Subtle Blue

Please allow 5-7 working days within New Zealand.
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