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Maker - Mat Macmillan

Designer | Tauranga

A slice of Light!

'Maker' is about exploring top-end design, aesthetics and materials and bringing them together with meticulous craftsmanship. The aim is to celebrate an individual quality that commercial production techniques cannot mimic, resulting in items that possess real character and personality of their own.

Mat's life long love for wood work and furniture was inspired by his father and an old school London carpenter, to which he was an apprentice for. It was there he learnt how to use the hand tools and traditional techniques which have shaped his work today. 

He was inspired by a wide variety of materials, styles and finishes while working for a shop fitting company, and is that is what encouraged him to to bring top-end commercial design principals to his small, hand crafted operation. 

His old school techniques, intertwined with his love for the contemporary led to the creation of his lamps. These lamps are made from wood, which have been kerf-cut, allowing streams of light to sneak out between partitions. 

Traditional skills give his designs an edge and allows techniques from a by-gone era to be present in the modern day, with each lamp made unique. 

Maker's Mat Macmillan works on sliced and coloured wood for his amazing products collection. You will end up with something of lasting beauty and originality for your home, workplace or as a gift to mark a special moment.

Makers first collection is the iconic iO range. This beautiful range of lights was inspired by Io, a priestess in Greek mythology who was named after Jupiter's fourth moon. She represents beauty and light, as mythology says she was so beautiful she led Zeus astray. 

These stunning products are created using a mix of traditional craft skills and digitally based production methods, balancing between the realms of human and digital fabrication.


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  • iO Horus Pendant

    iO Horus Pendant

    Maker - Mat Macmillan
  • iO2 Slimline Pendants

    iO2 Slimline Pendants

    Maker - Mat Macmillan
  • iO Nimbus

    iO Nimbus

    Maker - Mat Macmillan
  • iO2 Lights

    iO2 Square Pendants

    Maker - Mat Macmillan
  • iO2 Rectangle Pendants

    iO2 Rectangle Pendants

    Maker - Mat Macmillan
  • iO Long Pendant 28 x 60 cm

    iO Long Pendants

    Maker - Mat Macmillan
  • iO Flute Pendant  in group

    iO Flute Pendant

    Maker - Mat Macmillan
  • iO 900 Drum Pendant

    iO Drum Pendant Large 900

    Maker - Mat Macmillan
  • iO Drum Collection

    iO Drum Pendants

    Maker - Mat Macmillan
  • iO Slice Lamp all colours

    iO Slice Lamp

    Maker - Mat Macmillan
  • iO Lamp - Group

    iO Lamp

    Maker - Mat Macmillan

11 Item(s)

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