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The Clever Design Store

Designer - Auckland

”I believe in post-industrial design. My work aims to leverage new technologies to present a more poetic and more sustainable alternative to mass production.” is an experimental design and 3D printing practice, born at the intersection of art technology and nature.

The studio produces and ever-evolving collection of experimental furniture, products, jewellery and sculpture. These projects aim to explore the poetic potential of disruptive technologies and post-industrial thinking. is run by award-winning designer Daniel Kamp; whose past work has been featured in media all around the world, received international design awards and been exhibited and sold throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Daniel’s work takes its inspiration from science, evolution, nature and the potential of new technologies. He is generally opposed to mass production, instead producing all pieces as limited edition items or one offs. He believes in achieving sustainability through designing diversity, beauty, uniqueness and emotional connection into objects.

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