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Judy Millar, Trish Gribben & Phillip Fickling

Book Collaborators

"The brushstrokes on her paintings seethe and squirm and writhe and woosh and twist."

Judy Millar is an artist. She paints with giant brushstrokes, sometimes with 10 brushes at a time. She paints in black and white, or all the colours of the rainbow. She likes to turn things inside out and upside down - to flip and twist them. Perfect for this pop-up book! She likes to break down boundaries, to have her paintings swell and grow and end up on the other side of the world. She likes to follow where they go, to see where they will take her. Her studios are in Auckland and Berlin.

Judy Millar has represented New Zealand at the Art Biennale of Venice. A selection of her works are brought to life in this book, Swell.

Trish Gribben, writer of several renowned children's books and patron of the arts, combines her talents and interests to introduce art to children via interactive books. Her passion for New Zealand art and children's education are born out in this new, innovative and fascinating book, Swell. Trish's lovely poem introduces the art of Judy Miller on the inside cover of the book.

Phillip Fickling, paper engineer, started out making flying saucers out of paper plates, submarines out of refrigerator boxes and scuba tanks from round Quaker Oats cartons. He has had a prodigious career producing the most incredible aray of paper models, pop-ups and now artworks. From advertising models in every scale to pop-ups and toys for movies like Star Wars, The Hobbit and Zombie... he's done it with paper!  

These three incredible talents have collaborated to produce this stunning book, Swell. Please share with children and enjoy!

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