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"We design everything with lots of care and attention."

Designtree grew out of the union of two design practices – Tim Wigmore Design and Rebecca Asquith. More than that it came about at the time they decided to get married. That’s good planning! As Tim says “Now we’re really excited about growing Designtree from a union of our talents and experience. “Tim and Bex share so much in design: ethos, approach to materials as well as a special, unique and fun response to everyday living.

“Our mission is to create beautiful experiences, through objects that are well-made and well-loved. Our pieces are designed to age gracefully so people can develop rewarding and lasting relationships with them. We strive to make products that resist obsolescence. We use materials and processes that reflect our respect for our customers, ourselves and our surroundings.”

The duo also enjoy collaborating with other designers, both established as well as emerging, as long as they share their appreciation for thoughtful and beautiful works. They develop innovative furniture and lighting for homes and businesses with their own range, as well as taking commissions.

“We design everything with lots of care and attention. We search for materials with the best social and environmental credentials. All of our products are made in New Zealand.”

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  • Frankie Table Lamp

    Frankie Table Lamp

  • Frankie Floor Lamp

    Frankie Floor Lamp

  • Frankie Triple Pendant with Black Cord

    Frankie Triple Pendant

  • Frankie Double Pendant with Black Cord

    Frankie Double Pendant

  • Single Grey with black cord

    Frankie Single Pendant

  • Nectar Half Lampshade Dark Grey

    Nectar Half Lampshade

  • Nectar Large Half Light Grey

    Nectar Lampshade Large Half

  • Nectar Lamp Shade Full Mustard

    Nectar Lamp Shade Full

  • Nautilus Lightshade Natural Small

    Nautilus Lightshade Natural


    Out of stock

  • Giddyup Rocking Stool - Natural Ply
  • Giddyup Rocking Stool - Ply Black Stain

11 Item(s)

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