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"A commonality we found between the woman was the struggle. It's so hard to make money in New Zealand through creative endeavours. However what we found, which is really special, is that woman are creative anyway, no matter what is put in front of them, no matter what their lifestyle, no matter how old they are - they are creative, it's almost like a need that has to be fulfilled."

Many women feel guilty when they do something creative. Mariana Collette and Lisette Prendergast heard it over and over when they interviewed women for their book Lady Luck: Conversations with Creative New Zealand Women. "Women feel a bit naughty, as if they should rather be doing something else like cleaning the house," says Lisette, who put together the book with her best friend, Mariana Collette.

The two met at Berkley Normal Middle School in Hamilton and then went to Hillcrest High School together. Their friendship survived writing a women's blog, Le Petite Mania, together and then, when it became popular, it survived compiling this book. "We wanted to make something material from the blog, something tangible, something to show for it," says Lisette.

Lisette, who now lives in Johnsonville, describes herself as a writer and painter. Mariana, who now lives on the Kapiti Coast, describes herself as a primary school teacher by day and a writer by night. Their book explores ways for women to embrace their creativity and reach their potential.

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  • Lady Luck - Conversations with Creative New Zealand Women

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    Collette & Prendergast

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