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Ceramic Designer | Wellington

"We improve conventional gardening tools and products for contemporary urban lifestyles."

Boskke is the brand that fronts two very clever guys, Patrick and Jake Morris. Patrick, the designer of the duo, made the Sky Planter his final year design project at Central Saint Martin's College of Art & Design in London. Not surprisingly, the ingeniuty behind The Sky Planter led to it been awarded the prestigious UK New Designers Ceramic Design Award. After two years developing and perfecting the concept, they launched Boskke in New Zealand.

Patrick and Jake are sons of the founder of Kiwi Ceramic institution, Morris & James. They've taken their father's environmental ethics to another level with the ground-breaking internal resevoir system that feeds water directly to the roots of the plant without evaporation and leakage an dusing 90% less water than conventional pots. With as little as one or two waterings a month, the Sky Planter has revolutionised indoor planting and gardening.

"Boskke is evolved gardening design. We improve conventional gardening tools and products for contemporary urban lifestyles.

Our innovative company encourages abundant greenery in homes and workplaces everywhere. Boskke products celebrate and support plants because we recognize that a living environment with many plants not only looks beautiful but also increases oxygen and filters air, bringing greater vitality to the built environment."

Boskke is derived from the old English word ‘bosky’ which means ‘a small forest’ and that’s exactly what you can create with our intelligent eco-sensitive designs.

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