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What is theclever:?

theclever: is a global marketplace where emerging designers from New Zealand and around the world connect with the design-hungry, share their stories and sell their work. Unlike other large design sites, we curate theclever collection. We select like-minded designers with great ideas and work that has a unique story. We look for considered design, beautiful craftsmanship and something inherently clever in the product.


Why join theclever:?

A Platform to Showcase you and your work

theclever: provides you, the designer, with your own space showcasing your work and your personal story. Consider it your own optimised website with your own URL.

A Great Online Shop

We show your work in the best possible light with well-designed functionality. The shop is optimised for all devices in line with current user trends.


We do the marketing to drive traffic to your pages, so you can focus on the important stuff… designing. We promote your brand using digital marketing such as SEO, Google Adwords, newsletters and social media. We also publish regular news stories through theclever:blog and various media channels.

Creative Community

Belong to a vibrant network of designers from your own country and beyond. Share your news and ideas in a supportive environment.

We make it easy to join

Firstly apply to join theclever by completing the form below. Once approved, we send you an account login to load your profile, products, photos and shipping scheme. And it’s FREE!

It’s FREE to join

There are no joining, monthly or annual fees. theclever takes a 40% commission on sales up to NZ$999 and 35% on NZ$1000 upwards. The cost of shipping is added to the selling price and charged to the customer.

So what is there to lose? Complete the form below now.

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