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Beautiful Archigrams depict iconic buildings

5/05/14 2:05 PM

These architectural pictograms or "Archigrams" designed by a New York grad student are fantastic in educating the architectural illiterate while looking great on your wall.






Kickstarter is a fantastic initiative that truly utilises the power of the internet. A crowd-funding platform, donations made from people anywhere in the world help creatives see their ideas come to life.

Like this idea from an interaction design graduate in New York. 



Michie Cao was successfully backed, with her whimsical "archigrams" depicting famous modern buildings as an illustrated print series coming in at almost $9,000 more than her $3,000 goal.



As Cao explains, "the back of every print in the 5x7 print pack comes with interesting information about the building highlighted, including the architect name, architect quote, date built and a brief description of why it’s so special." Turning the study of architecture into a stunning, print-sized piece of art!

Closer to home is Wellingtonian (aka someone from the capital city of New Zealand) Hamish Thompson's series depicting his favourite Wellington buildings. 



Above is the Futuna Chapel, designed by John Scott in 1958. A personal favourite of mine.



And from left; the Freyberg Pools situated at Oriental Parade. Roger Walker's distinctive Park Mews resembling Wellington's croppy outlook; and right the iconic Parliamentiary "Beehive" designed by Basil Spence in 1964.

Now you can own a piece of iconic architecture without the price tag!

Post by Jess Kayser, Auckland. See her blog The Architecture of Early Childhood.


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