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White on white

21/04/14 3:55 PM

 As Carpio herself admits on her homepage, she is, quite simply "aesthetically obsessed"...









Ivania Carpio is a blogger and product developer based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She can be found at Although primarily a fashion blog, the site has evolved to incorporate elements from across the design spectrum, from packaging design to interiors, furniture, jewellery, and clothing. What sets it even further apart from other fashion/design/style blogs, though, are the DIY projects – Carpio is Clever.




Perhaps what is most impressive, or rather captivating, about this blogeuse’s personal style is her commitment to a persistent and quite particular aesthetic – one that is simultaneously bold and subtle and that she presents with finesse. As Carpio herself admits on her homepage, she is, quite simply “aesthetically obsessed”.





Love Aesthetics, which is in short a reflection and kind of journal of Carpio’s own personal style, is striking in its minimalism. The colour palette is almost exclusively white, with the occasional dab of grey, black, or silver. It is an incredible talent to maintain such a successful blog on such a seemingly restrictive premise. Love Aesthetics somehow manages to never be boring, repetitive or predictable. It is inspiring, modern, elegant.




By virtue of this almost religious adherence to an aesthetic that is at once consistent and diverse, Carpio proves herself to be not a fashion-victim, but a real trendsetter. For this she has been recognised in international fashion circles – a regular attendant at the major Fashion Weeks, contributor to Vogue Netherlands’ blogging network, and recent collaborator with Eastpak and even Maison Martin Margiela – Love Aesthetics is a legitimate proof of that old adage “less is more”. 




Many fashion and style blogs fall into the trap of advertising everything we want but can’t afford. Carpio, although writing reports on current season high-end labels such as Acne, Rad Hourani, and Maison Martin Margiela, does so in a way that includes her audience. She approaches and dissects what is to most of us unobtainable and inaccessible with a set of objective criteria. She appreciates good design and fashion for what it is meant to be, and not for how much it costs or who’s wearing it.



What makes Love Aesthetics even more accessible to its readership are the multiple DIY posts, with step-by-step instructions on how to create clothes, jewellery, and various interior items for often negligible cost and (usually) with relative ease. The clothing and accessories Carpio creates and then shares with her followers is often inspired by current runway and sportswear trends, and of course, the Love Aesthetics aesthetic. Carpio bridges that often-intimidating gap between “high fashion” and the everyday. She shows us how fashion and design can and should be enjoyed and created by everyone while inspiring us to find our personal aesthetic and to stick with it.   


A clothes rack made from plumbing parts



Perhaps surprising (or not surprising?) is Carpio’s preference for the hardware store over the fashion boutique – readers will learn how to construct functional and stylish homewares from bull clips, glass, and plumbing pipes, a folded skirt from silver insulating foil, and fashion-forward jewellery from wire, nuts, and bolts. Again, Carpio is Clever in the way that she is able to transform the quotidian into something truly desirable.  




A warning: once you start following Carpio’s blog it’s hard to stop. You may also find yourself wearing a lot more white.

Post by Jeremy Riddle, Wellington.



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