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Anna Church working her magic with her Insignia Series

13/03/14 9:46 PM

What are little boys made of? As well as slugs and snails?







In 2012 Anna Church moved to Toronto, Canada from Waiheke Island, New Zealand and she describes the finding of the numerous pieces needed to create this series as “an absolutely magical way to familiarise myself with my new home”. As well as the internet (eBay and etsy), Church scoured her local flea markets (The Junction Flea and St. Lawrence Market) and became a regular fossicker at antique markets around Ontario such as Christie’s Antique Market, in order to find the perfect set of Stag playing cards for ‘Gentleman’, a woman’s clutch which could have come straight from The Great Gatsby for ‘Gentlewoman’, a sheriff’s badge in just the right shade of red for ‘Frogs & Snails’ and well-pirouetted (but not too grubby) ballet shoes for ‘Sugar & Spice’. See her works here. And watch the video here
















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