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Giddyup Rocking Stool - Ply Black Stain

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Pre-used Saddle on Plywood Rocking Stool.

Old worn saddles have a beauty and patina of age that I find really attractive. The use of old, tired or broken saddles is an attempt to not only utilize an existing object, but also to elevate peoples perception of the old and pre-used. After having an old broken saddle sitting in my studio for some time I began to consider how I could design a piece that would utilise the beauty of the saddle. Giddyup developed from exploring less static ways of sitting. I have used a swiss ball in the past in order to keep my hips and body in motion while using the computer. I wanted to combine the history and qualities of the saddle with the idea of 'active' sitting and by doing so provide a fun sitting experience for the user. I often find myself wondering about the possible stories that are imbued in the saddle, where it came from, what sort of person owned it and cared for it, and about the horse or pony that wore it. The scuffs, scratches and wear marks of the saddle speak of its histoy and its previous life. I hope that others will muse on the saddles history when they use Giddyup.

This new version also has a base which can be folded once the saddle is removed.

Materials: Leather Saddle, FSC Certified Gaboon Marine Grade Plywood, Natural Oil finish & spirit based wood stain. For the Stained giddyup stands - 1 coat of stain is applied then 3 coats of Java Oil. The oil 'fixes' the stain and seals the surface. The saddle is polished and buffed with a soft cloth.

Dimensions: without saddle: 58cm H, 60cm W, 81.5xm L, with saddle: 65cm H, 60cm W, 81.5cm L

Weight: without saddle: 5.5kg, with saddle: 11.5kg

Recommend to use on a soft surface such as a carpet or rug.

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks within New Zealand as these are hand crafted to order.
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