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Leggy Newel Table - Rimu

Rupert Herring Auckland
Leggy Newel - Rimu by Rupert Herring

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This tall, thin table is made from newel posts, all reclaimed of course. I've turned the legs inside out to give a modern, square, 

angular look on the outside, and something of an ‘old colonial’ aesthetic on the 

interior. I like the way they embody the concept of ‘negative space,’ almost as 

though they have been magically transfigured.

The works are nostalgic visions in a world of throwaway excess and economic efficiency gone awry. 

The unique collectible objects breathe through time, rather than get suffocated by it. Society’s cast offs are made beautiful through alliteration of form.

Dimensions: 1065 high 205 x 205

Please allow 5-10 working days within New Zealand, if product is in stock.
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