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ByGone Biscuits WAS $395

Arty Wright Auckland
ByGone Biscuits 1939, whole print including paper

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ByGone Biscuits 1939, a fourth screenprint in the Trademark Series.This iconic figure was a trademark right up to recent times but the image itself was originally created between 1897-1939 when the image became synonymously associated with the Trademark image for Bycroft Biscuits. As in most other trademark images, the artist of this design is unknown. These designs were hand drawn by artists with pencil, pen, brush and ink. The artists themselves largely remained anonymous working either as employees of advertising companies or within the manufacturing company itself.

Arty Wright is proud to present this Limited Edition Screenprint ByGone Biscuits 1939.


Dimensions: 56cm x 75cm

Limited Edition

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