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Birds of Paradise

Lucy Gauntlett Auckland
Birds of Paradise

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This vibrant & uplifting artwork 'Birds of Paradise' incorporates stunning tropical foliage & colours to celebrate Summer. Colourful birds from all over the world are featured and it wouldn't be complete without our favourite bird - the NZ Tui.

Lucy has created this artwork from many photos she have taken in NZ and overseas and like a painter uses a paintbrush she use photography to illustrate her visions.

Featured birds clockwise from blue bird at top include Indian Ringneck (India), King Parrot (Australia), Sun Conure (Colombia), Tui (NZ) and the Alexandrine Parrot (SE Asia, India).

Limited edition of 100 per size.

Circular image art print on 350gsm archival paper.

The image will be printed on a square paper.


small 36cm x 36cm full paper size (diameter of image 25cm)

medium 56cm x 56cm full paper size (diameter of image 42cm)

large 80cm x 80cm full paper size (diameter of image 60cm)

Production and delivery time for all prints approximately 15 - 21 working days with in NZ. If required sooner, please specify on your order.

For overseas orders, shipping time is additional.
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