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Ceramic Jug Small - Light Grey

Reneé Boyd Auckland
Light Grey Small Jug by Renee Boyd

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This handcast small ceramic jug has a beautiful satiny glaze overlayed with a matt stoney glaze.

This series is something of a departure from smooth white surfaces to a more textured, earthy pieces. Renee has been inspired by the rising and falling of the tides at the seashore. As the water recedes it leaves coloured differentiation in the sand, rocks and wood. Hence the earthy colours in layers and the textures reference those of the beach.

Materials: Porcelian / bone china clay.

Dimensions: 110 mm tall x 75mm wide

Please allow 2-5 working days within New Zealand.

Renee tries to have one always in Stock, but if not it will take 2 weeks lead time.
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