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Pearson & Brown Christchurch
Pearson & Brown - Sunset

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PEARSON&BROWN – ‘South Island Seasonal Glory’

Silk Sateen Scarves - Digitally printed photographic images on 100% silk sateen with hand rolled edges.

Travelling up and down and in and out of our country is an absolute joy. There’s always something to notice; the green grass and blue sky smell when you get off a plane, fresh snow on the mountains as you drive to work, the unique intensity of the sunlight whilst walking the dog - so we started to record these moments. The four photographic images in this Limited Edition silk scarf collection depict New Zealand’s South Island in all its seasonal glory.


“Not all those who wander are lost” J.R.R. Tolkien 

A mesmerising sunset in the Mackenzie country. As the sun sinks slowly behind the mountains, it emanates a soft golden glow and streaks the sky a vivid orange!

I am delicate. Store me in the bag provided. I am handmade, take care of me and be especially careful not to snag me on your jewels.


100% Silk Sateen Scarf - 170cm x 65cm approx

Hand Rolled Edges

Dry Clean Only

Limited Edition of 50

Please allow 3-5 days within New Zealand.
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